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Site Preparation Ideas

In order to assure smooth set up and operation of an event there is some basic information that should be considered. This information may be helpful in the organizing of your offsite event
  1. You must first decide what location will be suitable for your group and determine if it is available

  2. You must clean up the site both before and after the event

  3. Prepare for the weather by bringing a pop-up tent or awning, also bring chairs and tables if necessary

  4. Who is the owner of the property at the location you would like to utilize? This can be found at the City of Flint - Register of Deeds

  5. Permission Request Documents:  you  need to get this in writing to give to the Manager in charge (with contact numbers)

  6. Who do you see to get permission to use the grounds?  Is there a deposit needed to reserve use of site?

  7. Is there going to a stage?  is it there?  is it portable? when will it be there? who set it up?  how big is it?  (consider your needs)

  8. Do you have contact numbers?

  9. Physically inspect site of the event for pro’s and con’s of site.  Be precise with where you are going set up and all the things you want to do in your event so all your paperwork is in order (can you set up a tent with chairs can you play loud music how early can you be at the site when do you have to be gone can you set up a bounce house or large inflatable ).  Clean the site before and after the event!

  10. Thing to think about if it’s summer how hot is it, is there shade, what time of day is there shade, will the sun be shining right in someone’s face when they are trying to talk or sing?


Be Aware Of Your Needs

  1. Do you need electricity?  how much?  Typically a small sound system will need 120 volt outlet with at least a 15 amp circuit breaker.   If you have other music instruments as well you may need higher amp circuit breaker or additional out lets that are not on the same circuit.  It may need to be from 20-30 amp circuit breakers. Be aware the bigger the system the more power needed if you hire a sound reinforcement company for audio some require access to 220 volt source with minimum   60 amp circuit breakers

  2. How far away is the electricity from where you need it, this will also affect how much power is needed.

  3. Is there easy access to the circuit breakers in case they kick out during event or will there is someone onsite to do it ?  (what is his name how do you get in touch with him or her)

  4. Generators can provide a good source of portable electricity but care must be used in selecting the right one.  Even though it may be big enough, it may not put out clean steady power at proper voltage causing damage to electronics?Also  how much noise does it make?

  5. If it’s on grass is there an automatic sprinkler system that will need to be reset.

  6. How much set up time is important the more or bigger the event the more set up time is needed it is better to have too much than not enough.

  7. How far is parking from where set up is can you drive right to the spot to unload or will you have to park and carry to location?

  8. Outside event can be tricky the weather sometime unpredictable (do you have covers if it rain) shade from sun nearest bathrooms


Do you have guests coming that are a musical group or dance troupe?

  1. You need to know if your guests have special needs

  2. If it’s a singing group how many singers how many instruments how much space will they need

  3. If a group is going to use a sound track the track should be tested be for start of event (some time people burn a CD and it will not play on your CD player)

  4. You need a clear understanding of what they are bring and what you need to supply: example someone will bring a electric key board to play, but expect you to have an amplifier and or monitors for them to plug in to the same with drummer and guitar player etc,

  5. If you are going to have more than one group come to sing and or play music it may be possible to set up instruments that everyone can use to minimize moving set up or tear down in between groups performances’. If groups are going to use someone else’s equipment you need to get permission from owners

  6. For music you need a pre event sound check  -- This is when the music group play a song or two at full volume with singers, making sure monitors are working and everyone musicians and singer can hear them self’s and everyone else. This is a very important part of the set up and should be done as early as possible so if something is not working there is time to make adjustments

  7. Every venue is different and will need to be adjusted accordingly  

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