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Prayer Topics

Below are some ideas for Prayer Topics
  • The Church

  • That God’s love, His mercy, power and grace would empower the Church at Flint into action

  • Unity and Harmony between all the Churches in metro Flint

  • That all Churches & Ministries experience growth and revival

  • The Citizens

  • For the unsaved to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

  • To cast out the spirit of bondage, depression, fear demonic influences and strongholds over the city , breaking the curses

  • Stop the violence and  bind the spirits of murder, racism , and pornography

  • Renew the mind of those involved in selling and using drugs, and those stealing and selling stolen merchandise

  • Renewed strength for  the family:  Mothers, Fathers, children, walking  in the roles that God has designed

  • Protection for Babies, Children, Teens, Youth.  Godly order in pregnancy and child birth

  • For every persons Health & Healing Of Mind, Body & Soul recovery for those sick and in the hospital (for Hurley , Genesys ,McLaren and all  medical centers: doctors & nurses & health workers)

  • Reconciliation, Restoration, Rehabilitation, Mercy and Justice for the incarcerated and imprisoned

  • Men’s & Women’s hearts turned towards commitment and marriage not just living together

  • Parent’s understanding how to motivate and guide rebellious children

  • For Rededication to God, to  walk in forgiven  For a renewed mind filled with the Holy Spirit 

  • Gluttony, Anger, Drug Abuse, Sin, bad habits, laziness. Strength to overcome burdens, damaged emotions, peace in loss of loved ones

  • To Walk in Victory in God’s will and being equipped for Success

  • Giving God our time and dedication of our mind soul, and body - reading His Word

  • That people would surrender to the  will of God; His gifts & callings

  • Invest time and money in learning about God  

  • Prosperity, employment, opportunity, training 

  • Companionship, mates , friends for  single people & widowers

  • Those in Authority

  • (The Government) The Mayor, city council , our Governor and President: all to be Godly minded  with  integrity and accountability

  • Sheriff, Police Chief & Fire Chief.  All peace officers and firefighters

  • Judicial System: Judges & Lawyers, that they will operate with mercy and justice for all

  • School board, teachers, the aids, all school workers

  • Help Groups

  • Carriage Town, Food Bank, Soup Kitchen, Road to Freedom, Life Challenge, YMCA, YWCA the Salvation Army, etc.

  • Healing and help for the homeless

  • Giving to God’s works

  • City Growth

  • Success in local businesses to expand and grow and provide more good paying jobs  

  • New businesses with fresh ideas and entrepreneurial spirit released in Flint

  • Infusion of integrity and accountability in business

Janet's Prayer Chain Song

Who’s that praying down the street?  Wearing red and smiling sweet

People turn around and say, “Guess the Prayer Chain’s out today”

Refrain  Praising Jesus, Savior, Lord, and King  4X

Who’s that giving food to eat? Hot dogs, popcorn, what a treat?

Who’s that giving clothes to wear?  Prayer Chain people really care

Refrain  Praising Jesus, Savior, Lord, and King  4X

Who’s that with the dancing feet?  Who’s that with the gospel beat?

Clapping hands and having fun.  Got the devil on the run!

Refrain  Praising Jesus, Savior, Lord, and King  4X

Hear the choir, hear the sound?  See the lost that have been found

Hear the people give a shout?  See the churches that came out

Refrain  Praising Jesus, Savior, Lord, and King  4X

See the child’s happy face?  See the people saved by grace?

See the inmates in the jail?  Show them love that does not fail

Refrain  Praising Jesus, Savior, Lord, and King  4X

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